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Currently online membership check is not available. To check your membership status please visit ISCN campus and see membership list posted on the masjid bulletin board. You can also email to requsting your membership status.


How to make membership payment  

To make membership payment, please go to
  1. web site.
  2. Click on Donate button.
  3. Select Membmership Payment as the category and pay the amount.
  4. Make sure to put details in the comments section before making payment.
You can pay with check or a credit card.

Membership payment is $120.00 per year for people above 21 and under 60 years old. For seniors (people 60+) membership fee is $20.00 per year and for youth (people under 18) is $10.00 per year. People between the age of 18-21 can stay as a youth member or become full member by paying full $120.00 per year membmership.

Please select membership FAQs from the above membership menu to see answers to many frequestly asked questions.