Membership FAQs and Policies

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Member can pay membership dues for himself/herself, his/her spouse, parents, parents-in-law and children regardless of their age.
Everyone else must pay their own membership
Member can check their membership status using one of the following methods.

Online check:Please select Membership from the menu above and then select Check My Membership. Provide your email address and system will send you email with the membership details.

In-Masjid check: Membership list is posted on masjid bulletin board and is updated every other month. You can check your membership there.

Requesting via email: You can send email to membership committee at and ask for your membership status.
To pay membership dues, please go to and click on Donate. Then select Membership payment as the category and make payment.

When making payment there is a NOTE field at the end of the page. Please make sure to provide payment details in that field. (i.e. for which year you are paying and name of the members you are paying for).

Remember, you can pay only for yourself, your spouse, your parents, parents in law and your children. Everyone else must pay their own membership.
You can also make membership payment at the Kiosk in the masjid.

Membership dues are:
Full adult membership: $120.00 per year or $10.00 per month
Senior Membership (adults 60 years or older): $20.00 per year - Must be paid in full
Youth (21 years or younger): $10.00 per year - Must be paid in full
In order to become a voting member, you must fullfil the requirments to become a voting member stated in the ISCN bylaws. If you believe you have met the requirements, please click   to download the form. Please make sure to fill all the fields and hand over the form to any member of the membership committee or a board member.
Board member information is available under contact on ISCN web site at and membership committee member information is available on the membership protal at
You can also scan the application and email it to
When checking membership status online, system looks for membership data associated with the email address you provided. If you received an email from the system saying that no membership found; this could be due to one of the following reasons.
  • We do not have email address in our system.
  • Your membership is linked with the different email address.
  • You are not a member.

If you get above response please contact membership committe via email at Membership committee will address your concerns as soon as possible.
As per membership committee policy, a member can change donation category from any donation type to a membership payment. Please note donations will ONLY be converted to the membership payment from the date it was requested. Donations made for different causes will NOT be applied towards membership for past dates.

Member is paying $40.00 per month under general donation since January 2018. Member did not make any membership payment for 2018 and therefore membership was deactivated. at the end of year 2018. Now member asks membership committee on January 15, 2019 to apply donation made under general donation in 2018 to his/her 2018 membership.
In above scenario, unfortunately as per membership policy, membership committee is unable to apply donations made under the general donation in 2018 towards 2018 membership. Membership committee can change general donation to membership payment starting January 15, 2019 since that is the date member contacted membership committee and asked to convert their donation to a membership payment.

If you would like to change your existing donation to membership payment, please take following steps.
  1. Contact Information Technology chair and have him/her cancel your existing donations and start new donation under membership payement. IT chair person contact information is available on ISCN web site at under contacts.
  2. Send email to the membership committee at and let them know that you have started new donation under the membership category.
  3. Once membership committee confirms the donation, it will update your membership as per rules stated above.
If your membership was deactivated or you have concerns/question about your ISCN membership, first step is to send an email to the membership committee at Once email is received; membership committee will evaluate your request and will update you on your concerns.
After you receive a response from the membership committee but still disagree with the decision, you can contact board of directors and submit your concern/complain in writing. Board of directors information can be found on ISCN web site at under contacts.
Please email your concerns to membership committee at and provide details of the issue. Membership committee will address your concerns as soon as possible.
Following is membership committee process to verify payments for ISCN membership.
  1. Membership committee will look into our master MOHID system where membership payments are recorded.
  2. If no payment record is found then membership committee contacts our treasure and ask if treasure has a payment record.
  3. If treasure cannot find the payment record, membership committee will ask the member to provide the proof of the payment.
Membership can be deactivated upon request from a member. Additionally, fail to meet membership obligations as per ISCN bylaws can lead to deactivation of membership.
Generally membership committee only accepts payment by check or credit card for better tracking purpose but on an exception basis (depending on member situation) membership committee may accept other forms of payments. Please contact membership committee at if you are unable to pay by credit card of check.

Payment By Company Check
Membership payment can be made by a company check

Payment By Company Credit Card
Membership payment can be made by a company credit card as long as member name or the company name is associated with the card issuer.
When processing payment thru credit card, our system automatically record under the name returned to us by the credit card company.

Company ABC enterise has issued a credit card to Abdullah Mohammad. When ISCN IT team processes the payment if name returned by the card issuer is Abdullah Mohammad, then membership payment can be made for Abdullah Mohammad, his spouse, parents, parents in law and children regardless of their age. This card can not be used to apply membership payments to other people who might work for the same company.
When processing payment, if credit card issuer company returns the company name associated with the card instead of individual name then card can be used for membership payment for anyone associated with the company and is authorized to use the card.
ISCN bylaws requires that a member must be a voting member one month before the election date. So if elections are held on Feb 01, 2020 you must be a voting member on Jan 01, 2020.
If your application is approved by the membership committee, your voting membership status will be active as of the date you applied to become a voting member.
Deadline to pay each year membership dues is March 31 of the same year. So for 2020 membership, the last date to pay dues is March 31, 2020. For 2021 year the due date will be March 31, 2021. If needed membership committee can extend the membership due date as per ISCN bylaws.
Members who do not pay by the announced due date and do not contact membership committee before the payment deadline, member's membership will be deactivated. If member pays on the later date, then membership will be activated again but membership type will be changed to an Associate memmber and membership join date will be the date member made the payment.
Everyone's membership starts on January 01 and ends on December 31 of each year. If you are on monthly auto payment, you may see your membership expire date is few years from now. That is because you are on auto pay and do not need to take any action. If you pay for current year only then your membership will expire same year on December 31.